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..And this is my brain

Do you have an alarm clock? What time is it set to wake you up?  
I use my phone...and it really depends on the day. My sleep sched is so effed.

Do you like knock-knock jokes?
Only since i've learned how to kill them...

Are you currently more hungry or thirsty?
I'm almost always thirsty

Are you waiting on anything right now?
6am. Still looking at a little over 5 hours :(

Do you prefer your singing voice or your talking voice more?   
haha..I can't sing...so definitely my talking voice. Although, I swear I have a dumb cartoonish voice.

The last person you met for the first time: What do you think of them?
This girl Julie. She's really weird...and clumsy...and laughs uncontrollably.
In other words, she's super cool :)

Have you ever been described as shy? Is it true?
I have...I don't think so.

Name the last awkward moment you encountered:
Walking into work knowing that I would have to face the guy who ended up staying late when I didn't come in last Saturday. It ended up being completely fine.

If I could make you anything to eat right now, what would you want?
Cut up a pineapple for me. yummyyy

Do you prefer earphones or the ear-muff style headphones?
Earphones for the gym, but I would like a pair of the ear-muff ones for other purposes. Especially editing.

What colour are your jeans / trousers? (pants)

Name something you're a complete sucker for:
spontaneous adventures

Do you type pretty quickly?

Do you remember when you first went on the internet?   
I remember when we got AOL and my dad made the dumbest s/n for me. F1E2B3. REALLY?

What do you smell of currently?
"secret charm" LOLZ thanks VS.

What was the last gift you received?
I'm not sure...apparently my aunt has something amusing for me though :D

Are you religious? Is this something you were raised with or developed?
Not really. Fun fact- when i was little my mom would occasionally go to Baptist church so i've been baptized...and then when i was in my teens, my dad "found god" for a little bit..and he was raised Catholic so i've also attended mass.

When was the last time you saw rain?   
umm, last week sometime

How often do you forget important things?
More often than I would like.

What is one way someone could completely put you off on a first date?
Probably just being really inattentive and uninterested

What about a way someone could make you like them more on a first date?
Embracing my weirdness and just being able to laugh with them

Do you enjoy going to gigs / festivals?

What was the last music video you watched? Did you like it?   
lol ummm, "The Bear Song"...it was directed by Margaret Cho so she put it on fbook :P

Times tables: Which one did you learn first?

Do you ever buy people random gifts? (When it's not their birthday, etc)
oh yeah

Do you fiddle with the phone cord when you talk on the phone?
Usually i'm clawing at them because they attack me at work

Do you refuse to use public toilets?   

Do you save your online browsing history?   
Not intentionally...I like to clear it every now and then

How many books have you read this year?   
None. :/

Are you good at guessing things and being correct?   
Hmm...it depends on what the "things" are related to

If you could have any colour as your natural hair, which would you choose?
I like my hurrr the way it is, thank you very much.

Does your voice change when you talk to certain people?
Yes, and even over the course of a sentence it can change lol

How often does your computer freeze up?   
My mac? Pretty much neverever. My work comp is a different story..

What do you do when you're nervous?
laugh nervously and stutterrrr